Designed with cutting-edge 5G technology and on-board intelligence, our drone is a beacon of autonomous flight. Specifically built for security surveillance and inspection, it serves as an unwavering eye in the sky, ensuring safety and efficiency in every mission it undertakes.

Control with SkySentry

Pilotless remote operation with SkySentry.
Fly with FlySync

Realtime BVLOS with FlySync using 5G.
Fast & Precise

Fast deployment and precise landing.
Weather proof

Reliable performance in all conditions.
Custom Payload attachment

Easily mountable payloads.
360 degree obstacle avoidance

Collision free flight.

40 mins

Flight Time

1 kg


Upto 4

Industrial Sensors


Control Range

Our Inhouse Designs

Embodying Strength and Lightness in Drone Design

FeatherFrame is our metal-fiber drone airframe redefines design with durability and agility. Crafted meticulously, it combines the robustness of metal with the lightness of fiber. Despite its feather-light weight, it's remarkably strong, built to endure flight rigors.

A New Era of Drone Technology Powered by 5G Connectivity

ArkinSafeFlight: Ensuring Uncompromised Safety in the Skies

ArkinSafeFlight prioritizes safety in every drone aspect. Robust FeatherFrame and ArkinSkyNet ensure intelligent power management. Features like collision avoidance and 5G connectivity enhance safety. Fly with confidence, prioritizing peace of mind.