Introducing Guardian For Industries

Our Ecosystem

Robust, seamless and integrated solution for drone operations.


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The Wharf
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1. Map

Map and get entire layout of the site.
2. Configure

Mark the zones and assets for strategic deployment.
3. Deploy

Easily install and start flying.


Solar Panels

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Wind Mills

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Manufacturing Industries

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Oil and Gas Industries

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Smart Cities

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Central Command System

A Centralized platform for remote drone operation.

SkySentry revolutionizes drone management with an intuitive interface, real-time monitoring, and SightScan analytics. Smart automation, collaboration features, and robust security ensure a seamless experience.


A mobile access point for realtime remote flight.

Flysync is revolutionizing drone control for authorized users with an intuitive interface. In emergencies, enable real-time drone control from anywhere. Swift response and user-friendly operation via seamless login to Flysync through SkySentry.


The discerning eye that transforms visual inspection with its intelligent image analysis capabilities.

SightScan an AI-driven visual inspections for precision and simplicity. Identify subtle irregularities with ease using drone-powered technology. Experience innovation in streamlined visual insights.

Safe and Autonomous Flight

Built for less Human Intervention.

Explore the future of drones with autonomous flight and seamless maintenance. Our innovative docking station handles charging and storage effortlessly. Prioritize safety with intelligent obstacle scanning for secure flights.